Hygiene and infection prevention as well as surfaces with antibacterial properties are now a top priority in all public and commercial areas.


Did you know that our Compact-Exterior tabletops have an antibacterial surface?

Our main suppliers received the Certificate of Confirmation of a strong Antibacterial Effect of their melamine coating according to DIN EN ISO 20743 and JIS Z 2801. Thus with the test method applied, a strong antibacterial activity was confirmed for the melamine coating of our Compact-Exterior tabletops.


99% reduction of germs and bacteria
Antibacterial surfaces reduce the risk to become infected with germs and bacteria because of their integrated antibacterial protection which permanently neutralizes the ability of bacteria to grow and multiply. As a result frequently occurring bacteria are reduced by more than 99 % within 24 hours. Despite its hygienic effectiveness, the antibacterial property does not replace cleaning or disinfection of the tabletop but cleaning intervals are reduced.

This feature makes our Compact-Exterior tabletops suitable for all kind of areas with special hygienic requirements like the hospitality and catering industry. 









Design and protection
With our wide range of antibacterial surfaces in our Compact Exterior decor collection, there is no need to compromise on design.
Take a look at our collection with 46 attractive decors.