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We support the training of young people in our company and are glad to have Julian and Jann Hendrik onboard as a trainee. While Julian is doing an apprenticeship as an industrial clerk - Jann Hendrik is completing his training as machine and plant operator. We keep our fingers crossed for both of them and wish them good luck for the final exam this summer.



Exciting news: two of our main suppliers received the Certificate of Confirmation of Antimicrobial Effectiveness of their Melamine coating according to DIN EN ISO 20743.
Thus with the test method applied, a strong antimicrobial activity was confirmed for the melamine coating of our Compact-Exterior tabletops.


OUR NEW STRATEGIC PARTNER - for wireless charging solutions
Have a look at our new flyer in collaboration with our strategic partner Ipan Ipan where we explain why to invest in wireless charging solutions. Ipan Ipan designs wireless charging solutions for the hospitality industry which can be easily integrated into our tabletops. Click here to see our product flyer


NOW ONLINE - our brandnew product catalogue.

Click here to see what's new:


New SEVELIT decors and tabletop dimension (600 x 600 mm)
Check our new SEVELIT decors. Furthermore, the new dimension is one of the most popular sizes for outdoor tabletops in the catering industry.



The classic Marble decor has been redefined and our two trendy Marble Carrara and Marble Pietro decors are a must-have colour in our collection these days. The Sealine Pine wood reproduction with vintage look creates an interesting interplay of colours while the Silver Fabric decor shows the perfect fusion of textile with metallic effects. Click here to check out our new decors


"Coming together is the beginning.
Keeping together is progress.
Working together is success.‚ÄĚ
-Henry Ford-

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the close business relationship we have enjoyed. With best wishes for a wonderful Holiday Season and a successful New Year.

Favourite Video about Successful Projects:

Our video with a collection of great successful projects with our products and clients from all over the world was one of the favourite posts on our Facebook site. Have you already watched it? Check our Facebook profile or watch the full video here


Incorporation of new trendy decors

With the incorporation of the new trendy decors Silver Fabric and Sealine Pine you can now easily combine Indoor (DUROlight) with Outdoor (Compact-Exterior) tabletops in the same decor.

The Silver Fabric decor shows the perfect fusion of textile with metallic effects while the Sealine Pine wood reproduction with used look creates an interesting interplay of colours.



BRAND NEW products: Compact-Exterior Switch and Exteriolit 16 & 30 mm



The new catalogue is online
NEW! We also have a french version now. Download your pdf here!


New Picture
New picture with a tabletop in Marble design (our mascot "Moritz" is not included).

Marble look


Happy Holidays
The team at SEVERIN Holz und Kunststoff GmbH would like to wish you a wonderful Holiday Season and a successful New Year for you and your family!


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Do you follow us on Facebook? Be the first to learn about our latest product updates, brand new decors and the trade fairs where you can find us. We are looking forward to see you on our Facebook site.


Expanded capacity
Our expanded production site in Paderborn offers additional capacity for CNC wood-processing work.

New catalogue online

We just printed our new 2018 Catalogue with all indoor & outdoor tabletop collections. Download it here or contact us for a printed version!


Compact-Exterior Protector: Extra Shine & Care
We recommend to use our high-quality care product for Compact-Exterior tabletops - for added shine and stain-resistance.

New Successful Stories online
We recently updated our Successful Stories. Please take a look at the pictures here or send us your projects.

Two NEW light-wood decors 
for SEVELIT outdoor tabletops
These new SEVELIT surface decores also exist in our indoor DUROlight and outdoor Compact-Exterior collection with the benefit of combining them in the same area.

Sevelit Nautic Oak

Nautic Oak - round

Sevelit Old Pine

Old Pine - round






Happy Holidays

The year is drawing to a close and the team at SEVERIN Holz und Kunststoff GmbH would like to wish you a wonderful Christmas time, a happy holiday season and a successful New Year.


7 NEW inspiring Lamidur decors
Stay ahead of competition with our new decors for the upcoming 2018. Click here to see the full range of colours available.

New Lamidur decors


Expansion of production site
In July we inaugurated our new manufacturing base specialized in CNC wood-processing in Paderborn (Germany).

production site Paderborn


New aerial view
New aerial picture which shows our production site in Ense with the new hall for truck loading and unloading.

Aerial View, July 2017

Get ready for summer

Offer your customers a great tabletop for outdoor use. SEVELIT and COMPACT-EXTERIOR are 100% weather-proof, UV- and heat-resistant tabletops, fully prepared for the hospitality or casual furniture industry.
The outstanding combination of colours, finishes and textures with the selection of 40 different decors make them the perfect choice for this summer.


Successful Stories
We would like to share with you a collection of great successful stories with our products from our clients all around the world. If you would like to tell us your successful story with one of our Severin products, please drop us an email:

Succesful Stories

New job vacancies
We are a medium-sized industrial company with approximately 45 employees. We are working successfully  as a supplier to the national and international furniture industry for more than 50 years. We are looking for temporary employees for packaging.
Check our job vacancies and if you are interested, please send us your application form by email. 


New stylish Lamidur decor available: Woodgrain look
The new decor Jurassic with authentic woodgrain look for our indoor tabletops Lamidur just arrived. If you are looking for a premium finish with excellent quality, then, this is your choice. Our Lamidur tabletop has been designed to meet the specific requirements of the hospitality and catering industries where elegant design and durability are required.


DUROlight WOODstyle: A new genuine trend with solid wood effect
Our new DUROlight WOODstyle decors Havanna Oak, Old Pine and Natural Vintage Oak provide a revolutionary visual and touch effect and make them hardly distinguishable from real wood tabletops. The deep brushed structure of the tabletop surface in combination with the two matching edges of end-grain look highlight the genuine wood character and set a new trend.


Great design flexibility for Compact-Exterior
Our collection of trendy and distinctive decors with new textures offers a perfect choice for both indoor and outdoor ambiances. With this broad decor collection you will find great flexibility tailored to your customers needs providing an expressive contemporary decor, a more rustic look, an authentic wood design, an industrial style, a stone decor, a premium finish, etc.

Compact-Exterior decor collection

Compact-Exterior decor collection


New cardboard cutting machine
We optimized our logistics chain by the acquisition of a new cardboard cutting machine to a more efficient, cost-conscious and environmentally friendly packaging and best protection of our products.

Our new catalogue is here

We're excited to present our new SEVERIN catalogue with an overview of our complete indoor and outdoor product portfolio. Our aim is to provide you with an updated and very comprehensive view of our full product range. Also, it will assist you as a great selling tool to promote our products within your customers.
Download the online pdf-version or contact us for a printed copy.


New innovative decors for DUROlight PLUS
We just launched new wood look decors for DUROlight PLUS tabletops. The new decors Rustic Oak and Nautic Oak are characterized by their authentic wood look design, bringing a distinctive "look and feel" for the hospitality industry. These recently added decors have the advantage that they can be combined with the same designs for Compact-Exterior outdoor tabletops. Hence, offering a complete indoor and outdoor solution for your hospitality customers.


SEVELIT¬†tabletop now in 800x800 mm¬†(‚ąľ32‚Ä≥ x¬†32‚Ä≥)
We just launched our outdoor SEVELIT-tabletop in 800 x 800 mm dimension - one of the most popular sizes for outdoor tabletops in the contract & hospitality industry.
It will become an ideal option for outdoor seating where a wider and 100% waterproof tabletop is required. SEVELIT tabletops are also remarkable for their resistance against scratching, abrasion, UV rays, bad weather conditions or cigarette burns. This new size together with our recently launched new range of "Real Surface" decors (Ceramico, Dark Concrete, Vintage Pine and Light Concrete) make SEVELIT the perfect choice for any indoor or outdoor ambiance.