Our Mission

Our aim is to align our products and services with the international market being our customers requirements the focus of all our business activities. We want our customers to be successful with our products and services.

Outstanding quality, excellent functionality and high customer value are the central components of our product policy, whereby we concentrate on our core competences. Our excellent technical manufacturing know-how is based on a wealth of experience going back over several generations. In our development process, we employ innovative manufacturing techniques and use materials with an eye to conserving resources. Furthermore, we design our products to meet the needs of the market, and thereby raise the competitiveness of our customers.

We place our customers at the focus of our thoughts and actions. Moreover, we strive for long-term partnerships with our suppliers characterised by fairness and loyalty.

Our highly motivated staff is regarded as the main key to our success. Each member of our staff helps to further develop our business. This is why we promote the commitment and qualification of our employees, provide a proper working environment and care for a work-life balance. Responsibility, respect and colleagueship is our main focus in our daily interactions with all of our staff members.

We assume both social and ecological responsibility:
In this context, we support the international organization "Medecins sans Frontières" with an active partnership

...and the "Plan" project  where we sponsor children in Bolivia, Philippines, Nicaragua, Domenican Republic, Ghana, Guatemala and Vietnam:

Concerning the environment, we try to prevent waste, use eco-friendly packaging, recycle or reuse raw materials and use renewable energy.

Our vision is to be successful together with our customers and to secure the future on a solid basis with innovative, high-quality and eco-friendly products. We take new challenges with flexibility and creativity by using our core competences, our technical know-how and continuous development.

Our strategy and the decisions we make always take into account economic, ecological and social criteria.

Our guidelines when dealing with customers:

  • We are loyal partners for our customers.
  • Each staff member at Severin helps the customer – always!
  • We work out individual solutions with pleasure and enthusiasm.
  • We keep our promise